I never post in Tmblr but this is something i just dnt want to post in fb!… I feel heartbroken! Depressed right now!… I feel like my heart has been torred from mi chest and smashed into a million pieces! :’( what do u do when the girl u love tells u shes about to change a ruin her life for good? What do u do when she decides to ruin her future? Throw it away!…. Running away from home!?!??!? REALLY!?? Thn she tells me im srry! A few hours b4 shes saying i never wanna loose u… I love u!… Next thing u know shes saying goodbye and shes running away with some guy! 3 i dnt even know if shes gnna be alright or what shell do to survive… All i ask is for protection!… GODDDDD! All i ask is for protection! :’(

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